How to fix WebEssentials in Visual Studio 2017

Posted by Piotr Smyda on July 25, 2017

WebEssentials is one of the most irreplaceable Visual Studio plugins. It's second on my list between 1) ReSharper and 3) ProductivityPowerTools and I really can't imagine front-end work without it. Well I do but it will be painful.

After updating my Visual Studio to the latest '2017' version I've noticed issues with using WebEssentials - it literally prevent me from using the newest version of Microsoft's IDE. There were problems with installation - it wouldn't event show up in Preferences (they fix it), and the browser toolbar went missing. After a while I've decided to search for answers and here is my quick guide how to fix WebEssentials.

According to this issue on GitHub: LINK it won't work like in older Visual Studio versions. You need to do this:

  1. Install this Chrome extension: Chrome WebStore
  2. To get Inspect and Debug Mode install this additional extension in VisualStudio: VS Marketplace